Why Bagging a Bastide is As Good As Munro Bagging

Just as Munro bagging has become the ultimate challenge for hill-walkers in Scotland, why not have a go at bastide bagging?  Complete a round of bastides and learn more about France’s cultural heritage at the same time.  While there are only 282 Munros, there are more than 300 bastides to fill…

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Adventure Travel in the Tarn

Adventure Travel in the Tarn: Bastides and Medieval Towns near Albi Let’s look at the Adventure Travel sector and see what’s on offer when it comes to exploring French Bastides.  If you are in the Tarn region, there is a tour operator in the Pyrenees, La Balaguère, that organises a 7…

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Bastide Heritage Trail Beginnings

To all Heritage Trail Blazers!  Do you know if anyone has mapped an official heritage trail through the bastides of South West France? One that traces the exact path the builders of bastides took? Buildings in the bastides were constructed more than 700 years ago and visibly intact remnants still exist. …

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